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Virtual Colour Atlas: Help Menu

Colour Order Systems

Colour Systems

Colour Ranges

Additional Functionality

Link to Virtual Colour Atlas App - Launches the app in a new tab

Toolbar Controls

Chart auto-size ON/OFF

When ON the chart will be scaled to fit within the available screen space, when OFF the chart is generated full-size based on the sample size and separation (if this exceeds the available screen size then the chart is displayed within a scrollable window).

Show extended samples ON/OFF

When OFF the chart displays only the sample points that are present in the physical atlas, when ON interpolation and/or extrapolation algorithms are applied to the atlas sample points to generate additional samples either to extend the sample base beyond the original set or fill in gaps.

Swap axes ON/OFF

Systems with 90 degree opponent (x/y like) axes (CIE, CIELab, CIELuv, Colorcurve and OSA-UCS) have the option to be displayed with their axes inverted (i.e. toggling this option swaps the horizontal and vertical axes).  Note: Only applies when Auto-sizing is switched OFF.

Show half-point samples ON/OFF

Samples in an atlas are displayed in a regular arrangement.  Some systems (Colorcurve and OSA-UCS) have additional samples (half-point samples) that do not adhere to this regular arrangement and this option switches the display of these samples ON or OFF.

Previous & Next Chart

Moves to the previous or next chart in the current sequence based on the underlying atlas and the selected viewing plane.  For example: for Munsell Hue 5YR this will be 2.5YR (previous) or 7.5YR (next), and for Munsell Chroma 6 this will be 4 and 8.

Background Colour

Opens a drop-down dialog that allows for the specification of the background colour the charts are displayed against.

Zoom Out & Zoom In

Most Charts (not RAL or BS:5252) can be zoomed.  Zooming calculates the values of the intermediary points between the known sample points by interpolation - increasing the number of samples displayed.  Zoom at 100%, 200%, 400% and 800%.

Sample Size & Spacing - Upcoming

Opens a dialog that allows for the specification of the shape (rectangle or circle) and size (width and height, or radius) of the samples in a chart, and the spacing (gap) between the samples. Can be set for any system (not a global setting).

Sample Size & Spacing

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