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Colour Difference Calculator

This application supports colour difference calculation using the following colour difference formulas:

   CIE 94, CIE 2000, CIELab, CIELuv, CMC(l:c), DIN99, FMC1, FMC2, and HunterLab.

Colour difference calculations can be exported using Configuration -> Export Data Grid.


To activate the colour difference calculator, select "Colour Difference" from the "View" menu.

This activates the colour difference calculator toolbar shown below:

        Illuminant   Observer    Primary         Textile          Sample Type 1          Sample Type 2            Formula(s)          Execute


Note that the range of source and target systems depends on the available data sets for a selected illuminant and observer combination. "Aim" data indicates the intended data points and "Actual" is the measured data points.

  1. Select the required CIE Illuminant
  2. Select the required CIE Standard Observer  

  3. For equations that allow for the specification of primary or secondary samples select as appropriate;
  4. For equations that support textile colour differences (e.g. CMC) check the "textile" box if the samples are textile;
  5. Select the notational format of the first colour sample from the pull-down list;
  6. Select the notational format of the second colour sample from the pull-down list;
  7. Select one or more colour difference formulas that the colour difference is required for from the pull-down check list;
  8. Finally, specify one or more pairs of colour notations corresponding to the specified notations, pipe "|" separate the notations.


Press the "Go!" button to perform the colour difference calculation(s).

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