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Application Support Issues

All application error messages are displayed at the bottom of the screen.  There are two types of error:
1. Loading errors:


"An unhandled error has occurred - Usually fixed by clearing your cookies (see website for help)."


[A] This application is under continuous development and the frameworks that it employs are subject to change.  If the application is deployed with a new framework but your web browser has an older version of the framework cached then the browser cache needs to be cleared.  The browser should automatically detect that a newer version of a cached item is available but this does not always happen.

[B] This application uses cookies to maintain its internal state between browser sessions.  Sometimes the cookies saved from an earlier session are incompatible with an updated version of the software.  In this instance the cookie cache needs to be cleared.


Enter your browser's settings and clear the "Cached images and files" and/or "Cookies and other site data".  How this achieved is browser dependant, for Chrome:

a) Click the three vertical dots in the top right corner

b) Select "Settings"

c) Select "Privacy and security" from the list on the left

d) Select "Clear browsing data"

e) Select "Cached images and files" and/or "Cookies and other site data" then the "Clear data" button

f) Reload Virtual Colour Atlas

2. Run-time errors:

These are displayed in the status bar at the base of the application.

Please report the error to Virtual Colour Systems on the Contact page so that the issue can be fixed.

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