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Virtual Colour Systems

Azure - Data Engineer - Business Intelligence - C# & Blazor

Data Analytics - Data Mining - Data Transformation

Performance Tuning


Founded in 1997 as an IT consultancy to help support my ​doctoral research in colour science.  The showcase application coded in Blazor, C#, and HTML5 is accessible thought the Virtual Colour Atlas menu.  The article published in Color Research & Application (online February 2022, print edition June 2022) is here.

The ability to work in both software and data engineering environments provides a unique hybrid skillset allowing for the design and development of end-to-end systems that employ disparate technologies. 

  • Weir: IBM Turbo Integrator ETL jobs to extract data from the TM1 cubes and a WPF, C# and Javascript application that securely presented the data in dashboards on iPads and Microsoft Surface devices. 

  • Glasgow Caledonian University was transferring data from an in-house student IT system to a packaged solution that involved extensive SQL and SSIS skills for the core data.  The student images were held in a non-standard format that the original provider stated could not converted, however using coding skills the images were byte analysed and code was developed that extracted the raw data (image, colour depth, width, height) and re-constructed the images as jpg.

Performance tuning: applications, databases, cubes and ETL jobs. 

  • Scottish Widows in-house web application was modified to run 11 times faster via improved coding and UI. 

  • An Azure process (database -> DataFactory -> cubes -> PowerBI) at ScotRail that took 3 hours and 45 minutes was redeveloped to complete in less than 15 minutes. 

  • A Standard Aberdeen SSIS job was recoded in C# from 52 minutes down to sub 2 minutes. 

  • The databases load at Cigna that took nearly 2 hours had the SQL re-worked and subsequently loaded in 8 minutes.

Data Enginneer

Data Engineer

Working with hundreds of millions of rows

  • SQL Server, Oracle and Azure

  • Azure DataFactory, Synapse Analytics, SSIS and IBM Turbo Integerator

  • PowerBI, SSAS, Azure Analysis Services, Lake Database, Data Lake,DAX, MDX, and TM1

  • SSRS and PowerBI

  • Logic Apps, KeyVault, DevOps, Power App, Git, Build CI/CD Pipelines, etc

C# & Blazor

Software Engineer

  • Blazor client-side

  • WPF

  • Silverlight

  • Winforms

  • ASP.Net & MVC

Previous Clients

Previous Clients


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